Coors Light Iced T review

I wasn’t expecting much from this and I still might be a little disappointed.

There are the jokes about the acronym (take the first letter of each word and figure it out for yourself). There’s that oh-so-sexy variation of the word tea. But Coors Light Iced T is bland. I recently overheard someone walking down the street while eating a sandwich who could accurately describe my feelings: “This sh– tastes like sh–.”

The body pours super fizzy. is a pale yellow with a copper tinge throughout and has a thick evaporating head. The flavour is like that of club soda and a mix of tea, or T. The T aroma is definitely there. I wasn’t expecting much out of Coors Light Iced T to begin with, so I’ll cut my losses.


One Response to “Coors Light Iced T review”

  1. I have to say, this beer has grown on me a little. It can be quite refreshing. If you rate all the elements individually and compare it to other beers, Coors Light Iced T doesn’t amount to much, but the drink as a summer drink passes.

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