Another trip to the Victory Cafe

I’ve reviewed the Victory Cafe here before. The quality of service at the Markham Street bar and restaurant has gone down over the last year, but it still has an excellent beer selection. Last week I had the opportunity to use the Victory’s wildly popular patio on a 25-degree day…in March. I also got to sample some good new beers.

Neustadt Springs Texas Tea Stout is brewed in Neustadt, Ontario and doesn’t contain a taste of tea. The name refers to it’s extremely dark colour (pitch black in the glass, like oil). The head is a stouty tan colour. It has a smoky aroma and taste. The taste also has a hint of chocolate. Strangely, it has a sweet, lingering honey-like finish. I was lucky enough to get this served as a cask ale.

Spearhead Hawaiian Style Pale Ale is brewed in the oh-so-exotic locale of Etobicoke, Ontario. The beer is very hoppy. It has a carbonation level of 70 IBU (the higher the number, the higher the carbonation. An average beer will be about 25-35 IBU). Spearhead’s website says the beer is brewed with a hint of pineapple. The citrus undertones are definitely present, but the specific taste of pineapple wasn’t something I experienced. Spearhead’s description of a “perfectly ‘imbalanced’ pale ale” is an accurate description with the flavouring and carbonation. It was strange to experience something like this after having a rather malty non-carbonated cask ale stout.


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