Frülli Strawberry Beer

The idea of Frülli did not sound appealing to me, but I decided to give it a shot. It’s marketed as a Belgian white fruit beer with strawberry flavour. It’s light in alcohol at 4.1% ABV.

Upon opening the bottle, you get the immediate strong aroma of strawberry. The bottle pours with a pink body and a very thick pink head. The body is opaque, like a white beer should be. The beer is very sweet and tastes more like strawberry candy than a beer. If you’re looking for something unusual that still holds a taste of beer, this is not for you. I didn’t mind it as it wasn’t a sweet fruity drink that was over-powering with alcohol. It still wasn’t like drinking a beer though. A 250 ml bottle will cost you $2.45 at the LCBO, rather pricey for a bottle less than the standard size.


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