The Ultimate Winter Two-Four

A few months ago the Grid had an Ultimate Two-Four special feature. Today they are back with the Ultimate Winter Two-Four.

This beer list is generally full of thick, dark and rich beers. The one notable exception is Labatt 50, which the list recommends as a good easy-drinking all-day beer to go with your chicken wings and pizza on Super Bowl Sunday. The only problem with this list is that many beers on it are rarities that will only be found in a specialty restaurants and bars and will cost $10+ for a sample. Some of the beers are available at the LCBO, etc. but can be hard to find. However, when you’re a beer enthusiast, adventures seeking rare and obscure beer can be fun, even if you don’t enjoy the cost of the adventure.

One beer I can recommend from this list is the Black Oak Double Chocolate Cherry Stout. I tried it on tap a few years ago at the now-defunct Renaissance Cafe on the eastern part of the Danforth. There is definitely a sweetness of cherry and chocolate, but the hoppy qualities of stout are still there. Really, hints of chocolate aren’t that abnormal for stout. A six-pack can be purchased, but only directly from the brewery.


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