Stone Hammer Dark Ale

I sit here two days before Christmas watching the Leafs and Islanders. I’m more of a Jays fan and have been frustrated with the Leafs failures since, well 1967, sure (wasn’t born then), but more since about 2004. I can’t get excited about such a bad team, unlike other people in this city.

I finished my Christmas shopping today (one of the gifts I bought this year was beer-related) and am headed out tomorrow for the whole German family celebration. Zum Weinachten. OK, Enough digression. Tonight’s beer that I am sipping while watching the Leafs (who are winning at the end of the first, knock on wood) is Stone Hammer Dark.

Stone Hammer Dark is a newer beer alongside Stone Hammer Pilsner and Stone Hammer Light, brewed by Guelph’s F&M. The aroma is kind of sweet and malty with hints of chocolate. The body is brown with a light beige head. The taste has sweet malts but finishes with strong bitterness. The finish is not like a regular dark ale and possibly stronger than Stone Hammer Pilsner, which is very hoppy. I like hoppy finishes, but I like heavy metal and it’s as if they told Black Sabbath to tune down their guitars two more steps. That’s my best analogy. Though it just may be that I was expecting something so much different for a dark ale and am not getting it. Kind of like Metallica’s strange cheesy art rock album released last month.


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