KLB Raspberry Wheat Ale

When I was younger and just beginning to go to bars in Peterborough, Ontario, a staple among beer snobs was KLB Raspberry Wheat Ale. KLB stands for Kawartha Lakes Brewing. I previously stated the beer was too sweet for my liking. Now that my tastes in beer have changed, I’m giving it another shot. KLB was purchased several years ago by Toronto’s Amsterdam Brewing, but the Raspberry Wheat Ale still bears the KLB name. The packaging still calls it “the beer that made Peterborough famous.” I didn’t know Peterborough was famous.

The beer pours with a very thin head and a copper body with a tinge of redness, but the red is definitely not as present as Granville’s raspberry ale mentioned here a few times in the last couple of months. The aroma is very strong with raspberry. The taste is sweet and fruity of raspberry, but a little dry. The finish is a lot like a wheat ale, hoppy and cracker dry.

This beer is not as sweet as I remembered it. In fact, I quite like it, though I’m not sure if anything has changed since Amsterdam took over.


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