Red Cap beer

Red Cap Ale is another one of those old-man beers turned cool-hipster beers. I remember the novelty of the brand when Brick Brewing brought it back as it was sold in the old stubby-style bottle. To save cost a number of years ago, Brick began bottling Red Cap in the mass-produced longneck bottles.

Red Cap is a discount beer available for $15.95 for a 12-pack and $28.95 for a 2-4. If we are talking about value alone, Red Cap is an excellent choice.

It pours a deep gold colour with a light head and a very light, grainy aroma. If pour and aroma are a big deal, you’ll be disappointed. However the sweet malty taste combined with the balance of the wheaty hoppy finish is quite good. For a discount beer, Red Cap is very good value. I would drink it over many mid price-range domestics any day.


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