Is Molson M good?

For awhile, Molson has marketed its Molson M as a premium lager. Its packaging states it is a “microcarbonated lager” with microcarbonated being registered as trademarked. Recently an ad appeared on Craigslist looking for representatives to market the beer in bars. The question: Is Molson M any good?

Well, it’s different, but that doesn’t make it good. There definitely is a difference in the carbonation as it pours much more fizzy than regular beer. It has a thick,  very white head that dissipates quickly and a light amber body. The flavour and aroma, however, are light and grassy and really not there. You can taste a bit of extra carbonation in your mouth, but this beer is really a flavourless mass-produced bomb. I’m being nice here. If you want to read some really nasty reviews, check out Ratebeer. Ratebeer reviewers tend to be snobs that hate everything coming down the pipe, but the reviews for Molson M are funny. I also cannot say they are unjustified (well some of them are over the top).


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