Greetings from sunny Vancouver Island

This week I am on Vancouver Island where there has not been a drop of rain in some time and they are about to hit a heat wave. The locals tell me it’s been a lousy summer weatherwise and I arrived just in time for summer. Awesome. Road trips are planned in the next couple of days to Seattle and Vancouver.

Early next week expect a post from me about all the amazing local breweries in Vancouver and on Vancouver Island. If I find good local beer in Seattle I will let you know of that as well. Right now I am sipping a Granville Island Lager as I type this and thoroughly enjoying it. I’ll let you know all about my beer adventures when I get back to Toronto and the jet lag wears off. St. Arnulf once said beer is a combination of God’s love and man’s hard work. The unusually warm weather here combined with the availability of good beer tell me  someone up there really likes me.


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