So I am guessing as this post from early 2010 is getting a lot of hits that the Beer Store is doing a lot of hiring right now. Around this time of year many companies in retail tend to hire a lot as some employees decide to go to school.

Tonight I am sipping on the Maritime straw-bodied lager known as Moosehead reminiscing on my old college days. It was this weekend roughly 11 years ago my parents offered to buy me a case of beer of my choice. My favourite beer at the time was Moosehead. I still like Moosehead, but am better-versed in beer connoisseurship. The case of beer was a congratulations gift/dorm house-warming gift/good luck gift/”the bastard’s finally out of the house” gift. The first few weeks of post-secondary tend to be a blast. You often aren’t inundated with work and you have time to be social and you hope things stay that way forever. They don’t. My three tips for the college/university student who’s hoping the next few years will be about PARTYING:

1. I don’t know if these sorts of nights exist anymore, but back in the day they had $1-$2 cup ‘o’ draft nights. I understand you have no money.  The idea of getting absolutely obliterated on less than a $20 bill is really appealing, I know. It’s not worth it. That feeling you get the next day is the other $20 you owe when you were drinking hangover-in-a-plastic-cup instead of something else.  Avoid these nights especially if you have class the next morning. You can call yourself dedicated, but I’ll bet you a pint you make it there less often than you don’t. And the pint I’m betting you will be expensive as I drink the really good stuff.

2. GO TO CLASS! If the pub nights or social events during the week are tempting, go and don’t drink or have a couple if you have class the next morning. Be responsible. When I went to school the first time ’round I was carefully organized and very rarely went to the pub, club or party during the week and worked hard to get all outstanding schoolwork done during the week. I could be carefree on weekends and knew if I was going to get down on a Saturday night it wouldn’t affect my larger goals. Balance is especially tough for those who work more than a few hours a week. Your social life may seem important but so is your schooling. Don’t be the guy/girl who parties their way out of school by Christmas. Unless you’re headed to bible college I guarantee you will see a few of these. Don’t be one of them.

3. Have fun, especially in this first year, and remember, there is no rule that says you have to drink to have a good time.


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