OV- An old man’s beer

Old Vienna is a lager I thought was long gone. A few weeks ago at a friend’s birthday party, I met someone who loved OV. It was their beer of choice. I was telling them about an OV jacket I had that I’d paid $5.99 for at a Value Village a couple of years ago. He offered me $40 for it (really as a joke to annoy his girlfriend). Apparently the beer has always been popular in Southwestern Ontario. Here is an OV commercial from 1988.

Last night I was at a heavy metal show, no big names, in a basement of a really divey bar. They served OV in cans. I’ve never seen it served in a bar. I checked today and found my Beer Store does carry it. That bar from last night served many “old man” beers. I’m talking about beers that you picture beside an old man in a lumberjack jacket, a hat that says, “born to fish,” while smoking cigarettes down to the filter and telling you about his 36 years working at the mill. I wonder if there will be a time where OV is a cool hipster beer. It has happened with other “old man” beers like Labatt 50 and Molson Stock Ale.


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