Now Magazine’s Ultimate Beer Guide

As a pull-out bonus section, NOW Magazine included the Ultimate Beer Guide in this week’s edition.

I’m not a big fan of NOW and am often critical of its smart-ass hipster writing. I was ready to tell you all the things I hate about this guide here, but I cannot. I sat down and looked through the guide and was impressed.  Their list of bars to go beer tasting was impressive. There are a couple of places that could have been added, but there’s only so much space. There are no glaring omissions. The bars on the list really are places to go drink beer and not places to look like the coolest hipster douchebag. A few places I have not tried and will after reading this.

Also included is an interesting list of take-out and beer pairings, a list of beer gear (innovative holders, coolers, etc.) and a small list of beer festivals.

Toward the back there is a Canada vs. the World showdown where Canadian-made beers are compared to their international counterpart. The Canadian beers didn’t fare so well in head-to-head battles. Some decisions I agreed with, some I did not, but we could debate these things forever. The one decision I felt was a serious snub was the category of lager and Lowenbrau defeating Cameron’s. But I’m sure everyone who has passion for beer may very well feel there was a serious snub somewhere else. Passion will always lead to heated debate.

But this little guide (20 pages) was an interesting read for a beer lover. Well done, NOW. I won’t have anything bad to say about you until next Thursday.


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