Girly Beer Review

OK, there are super-fruity beers out there and I don’t just mean respected white ales like Hoegaarden or hefeweisse beers. There are beers that don’t taste like beers. They taste like those drinks “that only chicks drink.” If you work in a barbecue factory, are male and are seen buying these types of beers, being prepared for an endless ribbing the next day.

Bud Light Lime- This doesn’t remotely taste like beer. A friend suggested this was beer disguised as a 7-up. This statement does a disservice to 7-up (and if you were wondering, I prefer 7-up to Sprite). The “beer” pours really fizzy with a rapidly evaporating head. The colour is a deep straw colour and is the only thing that resembles  beer. The aroma is definitely that of 7-up. The taste is that of citrus-flavoured club soda. The finish is that of flavourless club soda.  It is very drinkable as it tasted like carbonated water, but not very flavourful. If you regularly read this blog, you’ll know I don’t hate light beer the way many beer enthusiasts do, but this is one light beer that really does taste like water.

Nickel Brook Green Apple Pilsener-This beer is the description many give it, alcoholic green Jolly Rancher candy. The beer pours fizzy and yellow like Bud Light Lime, but with a thicker head that also disappears quickly. The beer smells and tastes like a green Jolly Rancher candy, apple-y with a bit of a sour finish. It is rather sweet and only has a hint of a pilsner. As a beer I cannot give it a great rating, but if you prefer an alcoholic beverage with some sweetness to it, it’s rather tasty. At 4% ABV it’s also not overpowering with alcohol like some coolers.

Cheladas- I have not tried Miller Chill, which is a widely available chelada-style beer. However, this weekend a friend who has recently spent a lot of time in Mexico (and is an avid reader of this blog) made me a homemade chelada with about a third of freshly squeezed lime juice, two-thirds Flying Monkeys Hoptical Illusion (which, if you haven’t guessed by the name, is a very hoppy beer) and a glass rimmed with salt. Apparently this is a very popular drink in Mexico. It’s considered very drinkable and refreshing, though still flavourable. I pushed  my drink away after two sips. I could understand its appeal, but the mix of salt, that much pure lime juice and a really hoppy beer was a rough, both too bitter and sour combination on my palate. A Hoptical Illusion on its own would suit me fine.


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