I like light beer

There was a time I was like many and perhaps most beer drinkers in saying, “I hate light beer. What’s the point?” I’m not like that anymore. I’ve come to enjoy the smooth refreshing taste and the easy drinkability. I still enjoy a good full-bodied beer, but I have more respect than I once did for a well-made lighter beer that still has flavour.

Take Stella Artois Legere, the 4% ABV version of the popular Belgian lager. This beer has a clean refreshing taste and finish to it, but still tastes like a beer, though the reviewers here might disagree. The hops are clearly present, even if they are not as present as in a hop-filled specialty beer.

An Ontario beer, Wellington County Silver Wheat Ale, has been reviewed here by myself. I don’t enjoy the beer, but don’t dispute its flavourfulness. Wellington knows what they’re doing when it comes to beer.

Rolling Rock at 4.6% has often been both maligned as an example of why American beer is bad and praised as a quality example of a more largely produced North American beer of quality. I know I previously reviewed Rolling Rock and gave it a negative review, but also stated the issue may have been with the keg and I believe it was. I enjoy Rolling Rock. It will never be my nominee for beer of the year, but it’s not bad at all.

A lot of people who insist a good beer can only exist with a higher alcohol percentage present are often shocked to learn their beloved Guinness is a measly 4.2% ABV.

Look, saying it’s possible the best beer in the world could be a light beer may very well be like saying a three-legged horse could one day win the Kentucky Derby. But I’m not buying the argument of, “why don’t you just save yourself some money and go to the grocery store and buy a case of alcohol-free beer?” or, “why bother drinking beer at all?” Next time you’re out and know you have to drive afterward, give a newer, micro-brewed  or upscale light beer a chance. Like me, you may be surprised.


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