Stout Irish Pub

A statutory holiday in Canada has given me time to finally write a post I’ve been meaning to write for a couple of weeks.

A couple of Saturdays ago I visited the Stout pub in Cabbagetown for a friend’s birthday party. I was impressed with the pub’s large selection of local craft beer. It has the warm cozy decor that you would expect in a good Irish pub. My one complaint is their beer being overpriced. Many pubs are going this route now, it seems. $8 for a pint of beer is unreasonable when for years people have been complaining about $10 pints at big league sporting events and concert venues like the Molson Amphitheatre.

I’m now finding that purchasing a smartphone was a wise investment and not just a vanity purchase. Among other things that I’m able to do, I was able to write notes for reviews of two beers I tried that night:

McAuslan St. Ambroise Apricot Wheat Ale- This Quebecois beer has been around for a few years but is a great treat. It has an amber body and (surprise) an apricot aroma. It has a sweet flavour, but one even a fan of well-hopped beers like myself can enjoy. It has a sweet and fruity finish, but perhaps a little too sweet and lingering.

Muskoka Lakes Cream Ale- I had never tried this before and was quite impressed.  The body is an amber/orange colour, the aroma is rather weak, but I won’t hold it against this beer. The beer has a fruity taste, but tastes like a pumpkin ale, a type of beer I highly enjoy when in season.  The finish is very clean.


One Response to “Stout Irish Pub”

  1. Candice Says:

    The McAuslan St. Ambroise Apricot Wheat Ale sounds awesome, Mike! I must get some.

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