Bier Markt Review

Last night a friend had a birthday party at the upscale restaurant/bar, Bier Markt. When I die, if God offers me a spot in heaven, I’ll ask if I can spend eternity at Bier Markt instead.

There are two locations in Toronto: one on King St. W. and one on The Esplanade. I was at the Esplanade location. Before I get into the details of the beer, I’ll just say my server, whose name escapes me, was great. The food was good, though they have limited choice for a vegetarian. The only problem I had was the fact we were given a two-hour block for our table and then were to go by the bar once our two-hour time limit had expired.

The beer selection though, it was something else. They have a large book full of selections. Some selections are so specialized they go for $50 and up for a bottle. If you’re looking for a special beer, this is the place to do it. My server recommended a beer called Spaten Original Munchen. It’s a lager and apparently is soon to be no longer available. Apparently there are only 50 kegs left in the world, but this could be a selling ploy. It was an excellent version of a German lager.

My next beer was the most expensive beer I’ve ever ordered, at around $17. It was a 750 ml bottle of Quebec brewer Unibroue’s Chambly Noire.  This beer is very dark and opaque. It doesn’t taste the way one would expect. It is surprisingly fruity, and even though it is 6.2% ABV, it is not too heavy. The finish is clean, with a hint of spiciness. Try it yourself if that description seems impossible. The aroma is rather weak. It was a good beer, but not worth $17.


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