Rolling Rock

For many years I have heard Rolling Rock is an American domestic beer that is as good as any premium beer. Perhaps I should be embarrassed about this, but I never tried Rolling Rock until the other night. It was on tap at a local pub. It came in a translucent green Rolling Rock glass. I was not impressed at all. The beer had a watery weak flavour with a bit of bitterness. It had no aroma, unless it did and I didn’t want to embarrass myself by sniffing really hard right up to the glass in a bar.

To be fair, I sense it could have been more an issue with the keg. The beer lacked carbonation and wasn’t at a cold enough temperature for me to enjoy. I told my next-door neighbour, who happened to be sitting beside me, that I would never order another Rolling Rock again. He laughed and said, “Yeah, but Rolling Rock tastes better in a bottle.”


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