Pabst Blue Ribbon Culture

The popularity of Pabst Blue Ribbon with the cool kids, the “hipster” culture, has been quite curious to me. The beer is an American bargain brand (In Canada it’s brewed by Sleeman). Ten years ago it would have been a beer you brought to a party and gotten laughed at, but you knew no one would steal it. It’s one of the best tasting bargain brands out there, but that’s not saying a lot. It’s one of the few bargain brands you can regularly find in bars with many bars offering it on “special.” Because the cost of the beer is cheaper to the establishment, it’s no loss to them. And because the beer is popular now, many drink it.

This just an observation and an opinion. But I think in today’s society where the economy is still in tough times, the cost of living has gone up and the cost of alcohol has gone up, there is a movement to make living cheaply cool. That’s why it suddenly is cool to drink Pabst (as well as Labatt 50 and other “old man beers”). Other examples of this include the popularity of thrift stores. I’m not an expert in cultural studies, but this is my observation and the only way I can explain the rising popularity of bargain brand beer as “hip.”


One Response to “Pabst Blue Ribbon Culture”

  1. Lindsey Says:

    Hipster beer alert!

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