Cool Buzz

Years ago two friends were co-owners of a restaurant/bar in Peterborough, Ontario called Grassroots Cafe. The food was all vegetarian and the beer was always from independent Canadian breweries.  They never broke either rule. Even though it sold well, Creemore was no longer an option on tap or in a can or bottle the day after it was sold to Molson. One beer I tended to enjoy on tap was Millenium Buzz by Cool, a brewery formerly of the Niagara region and now located in Toronto. Little did I know that Cool labels tend to have the reputation of being a “trashy,” “gutter,” cheap beer at many questionable bars in Toronto and elsewhere. This is probably because of the beer’s price ($5.50 for a four-pack at the Beer Store or LCBO).

According to the brewer, Millenium Buzz is a mixture of German hops, Alberta malt and B.C. hemp. No, you will not feel any different after drinking this than with any other beer without hemp. The beer is a dark reddish brown colour and pours with a light off-white head. The aroma is a little malty with grassy hints, but not overly strong. The flavour is malty with hints of grass and a little caramel sweetness. The finish is quite clean and refreshing. If one reads the reviews on, they will see many saying they were impressed a beer could be this good at such a low price. Maybe I wasn’t crazy when I would always bypass Creemore and other beers on tap at Grassroots Cafe and go with Millenium Buzz.


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