Brew Masters TV Show

So I recently learned a new TV show called Brew Masters will air on Discovery starting this Sunday. I myself am excited to see it. Judging by the sample clips on Discovery’s website, it looks pretty good. Now here’s the bad news: If you are in Canada, you will not get to watch this show. The Canadian Discovery Channel apparently will be showing you a rerun of Mythbusters (rolls eyes). I then have to beg the question, why show ads for your show on Canadian television if you do not plan to air it? I’m thinking this issue gets resolved.

The premise of the show is following American craft brewer Dogfish Head in the creation of new beers. The first episode is to be about the debut of Dogfish Head’s Bitches Brew, in commemoration of the 40th anniversary of Miles Davis’s legendary album of the same name. I would like to try the beer and hope it would be as great as the album.


2 Responses to “Brew Masters TV Show”

  1. […] Cross’s Twitter feed. The beer’s to be brewed by Dogfish Head brewery, featured in the previously mentioned series on Discovery (in the US), Brew Masters. In that post it mentioned the unveiling of Bitches […]

  2. […] Head was the subject of the Discovery Channel show Brew Masters and also have previously issued other music-themed special beers including a Miles Davis-themed […]

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