Sometimes a beer can get a good reputation based on the country it’s from. Some might say they prefer Belgian beers, Czech beers, etc. DAB Original may fall into this, being a German beer. To me it is proof a bad beer knows no borders. DAB Original, with the DAB standing for Dortmunder Actien-Brauerei, is a lager. Its colour reflects this with a straw yellow body. The foamy head fizzes away fast. The original aroma of grass and grain fades away fast as well. The flavour is really that of your typical lager with just a little more power and bitterness in the finish. However, when poured in a glass, the beer seems to fizz out and starts to go flat about halfway through.

OK, maybe I’m being a little too harsh in my review when I say it’s straight-out bad, but I won’t accept that DAB Original is significantly better than the typical bottle of Canadian or stuff you buy at a dive on a Saturday night. Dab Original’s price ($1.95 for a 500 ml can at the LCBO) reflects its value more than its country of origin.


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