Old Credit Amber Ale

Old Credit is a newer brewery located in the south end of Mississauga, Ontario known as Port Credit. Their amber ale comes in a 680 ml brown bottle I actually enjoy the vintage ’60s or ’70s vintage style of label.

The drink itself is inceredibly bland. The aroma has a hint of bananas and malts, but is really weak. The taste is too watery and the flavour of the malts is just barely there. The finish is almost sour. blech. I really couldn’t finish this one. It’s colour is a deep amber and quite nice, but the colour is misleading. I get more joy out of brown bottle macro brews. Old Credit’s is probably the worst amber ale I’ve ever tasted and the second worst local brew I’ve tasted. My pick for worst would be Great Lakes’s Red Leaf dark lager. I won’t torture myself with that beer again to post a review here.


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