Black and tan

Commonly a pub drink, a black and tan is a pint of beer made from a half pint of dark beer, usually a stout like Guinness, and half a pint of a pale ale or lager. When settled the black and tan will appear like the old oil and water trick with the black stout on top and the light yellow beer on the bottom.  Big Hole Brewing Company in Utica, NY has a canned beer called Headstrong Black and Tan. The can has an illustration of what a black and tan looks like, suggesting this will be what happens when you pour it into a glass. Does it work like you’d see it at an Irish pub?

Absolutely not. If you’re looking to see the trick, you have to go to your pub and order a half Guinness and half Harp (often Harp is used as the light beer). The beer appears as dark as a stout with a frothy beige head and there really is no “tan.” Of course, I could forgive all if the beer itself was good…and it’s not. The roasted nutty and chocolatey aroma is a very promising start. But the beer has a weak flavour going down and an overly bitter finish. The mix here doesn’t work. A can of this made in a factory in New York and shipped to your local beer supplier will not replicate what you get freshly poured in a pub.


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  1. […] have reviewed a beer here from Utica New York’s Big Hole Brewing Company called Headstrong Black and Tan. My review was less than favourable. However, their pale ale is quite flavourful and quite good. […]

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