Saskatchewan beer

I came across the site of a brewer called Paddock Wood the other day.  They claim to be Saskatchewan’s only micro-brewery. Their products are soon to be available in Ontario in a limited selection of LCBO and Beer Store locations. They produce such beers such as the Czech-style pilsner cleverly named Czech Mate, a dark ale named Bete Noire and a pale ale named 606.

However, Paddock Wood is definitely not Saskatchewan’s only brewer. Great Western Brewing claims to be the world’s sexiest beer. Supposedly this is because of the Potash fertilizer commonly used in Saskatchewan. Great Western also has an interesting history. In 1989, Great Western, founded in 1928, faced a shutdown when Molson purchased Carling O’Keefe, which owned Great Western. Sixteen employees pooled their money together and purchased the brewery. It is still successful in Saskatchewan and Alberta with a variety of lagers and pilsners.


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  1. […] time ago I blogged about a brewer in Saskatoon called Paddock Wood in a post about Saskatchewan brewers. I was surprised to see some of their products on the shelf at a local Beer Store in Toronto […]

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