What’s the worst beer you’ve ever had?

It’s a question I’m leaving for open discussion. Come on, let’s hear your worst story. Whether you accidentally picked up the wrong brand, or decided to be daring in college, we’ve all had a beer we regretted trying. I’ve had a few awful malt liquors in my day. That time I decided to try Miller High Life is a decision I will always regret. Remember Dave’s beer brewed by Loblaw’s? My dad drank some pretty bad beer in the ’90s. (Molson Black Ice, anyone?) But I want to hear what the worst beer you’ve ever tried was.


One Response to “What’s the worst beer you’ve ever had?”

  1. I wouldn’t have called it a tramatic experience but a friend of mine kept raving about Rickards White and how great it was and that we should get together at a local pub and have a couple of pints and she would forget about her weight watchers points and live it up for an evening. So we went to the local, I ordered a burger and a pint of RW, she some salad and a HALF pint of RW…the whole thing made made mad and the beer itself was pale and cloudy which looks all backwashy and it came with an orange slice! Not a fan of fruiting up the beer, even with Coronas, it’s a stupid gimmick. Anyway, I will never order Rickards White again, bah humbug!

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