Queer beer

With Pride parades happening in the last week and Toronto’s parade happening this weekend (it was moved to accommodate the G20 summit), let’s look at campaigns companies are using to entice those belonging to the GLBT community to drink their particular brand of beer. They are actually few and far between.

There was the old SNL skit for a beer called Schmitts Gay beer, which replaced bikini clad girls with men and had stereotypical beer commercial music (Van Halen). But in real life, marketing beer toward this community is a rarity.

The two major sponsors of Toronto’ parade this year are TD and InBev. The latter uses their sponsorship spot to prop up Bud Light as the official beer of Pride. Labatt/InBev has been a major sponsor since at least the beginning of the decade. It is also a major sponsor of Montreal and Vancouver Pride parades. In the United States, Bud Light is a sponsor of the New York and San Francisco Pride parades. A few years ago, Miller sponsored a gay-related event in San Francisco. This link from World Net Daily from late 2007 criticizing Miller might explain why there aren’t a lot of campaigns to attract GLBT customers. Perhaps it’s a small market competing against a larger market threatening boycotts. Warning: the article will be quite hurtful to some. The author is a bigot hiding behind a bible.


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