St. Veronus in Peterborough

This weekend my brother and I made a trip to St. Veronus Cafe and Tap Room in Peterborough. I was in my old hometown, escaping any craziness that may (and unfortunately did) occur over the weekend in Toronto, where I currently reside.

The restaurant could be considered as fine dining, but has an excellent selection of beer. The restaurant is Belgian-themed and the bar list reflects this. A handful of domestic bottles and a couple of German drafts are available. Most beer on tap is Belgian. They have bottles of several rare and hard to find Belgian Trappist and abbey ales available, as well as other Belgian bottles. Watch your wallet though, these are mostly $7-11 per bottle. As well, be careful when drinking the Belgian beer. Many of these ales are seven per cent and higher in ABV.

As for what I drank, I had one of the German tap beers. I had the Paulaner Hefeweissbier. Its appearance is similar to that of Hoegaarden and Hacker-Pschorr’s Hefe Weisse. The aroma of citrus is there, but it’s infused with a slight hint of banana. The taste has a citrus flavour, but it’s less sweet and more subdued than other white beers. You can also taste the tinge of banana, which is very interesting for a beer. This is perhaps the best white beer I’ve ever tasted.


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