Innis and Gunn Canadian Cask

This past weekend was my birthday and a neighbour handed me a bottle of this limited edition beer. Innis & Gunn Canadian Cask is limited to 200 barrels a year and released only shortly before Canada Day. Each bottle is individually packaged in a red box and sold as a single. It is brewed by Innis & Gunn a Scottish brewer operated by a larger Scottish brewer in Belhaven.

The colour is a deep brownish red. The aroma and taste are strong with toffee and fruit flavours. The palate and nose are also left with a hint of rye whiskey. This beer is strong at 7.1 per cent alcohol. Don’t let the sweetness or flavour fool you.

This beer wasn’t for me. So much sweetness in that strong of a beer is too much for me. I also don’t like the taste of whiskey mixed with beer. However, I can easily see how this beer would be loved by many. It’s a beer with a lot to offer. Reviewers on Rate Beer and Beer Advocate think highly of this one.


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