Biker-Beer (not Biker Beer)

Apparently there’s a beer that’s supposed to be just for the crowd who loves speeding along on two wheels and a gas engine: Biker-Beer.

I have yet to try Biker-Beer (I don’t know why the hyphen is there). The company seems to have a desire to create a special beer for motorcycle enthusiasts, claiming big  beer companies have ignored the motorcycle-riding crowd. I don’t know that motorcyclists have different taste buds or that a girl in stilettos and a bikini (or is it a Bike-ini? Hahahaha. Bad pun. I made it up myself) on a motorcycle is going to convince motorcyclists to buy it on a regular basis. Maybe they’ll attract the crowds at the adult clubs or young males who may or may not be old enough.

Now to its credit, Biker-Beer advertises motorcycle events across Ontario on its website. Perhaps marketing at those events can create a niche. The beer is brewed by Nickel Brook under contract, according to this story in the Hamilton Spectator. The beer was supposed to be released by May 24th, but no locations for purchase have been released. Check out more here. To make it more confusing, Biker-Beer’s website drops the hyphen in the url. The company describes their beer as a “smooth drinking premium lager, brewed with only the finest ingredients.” We’ll see how far this one rides. (Not apologizing for that pun.)


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