Danforth’s Only Cafe

A few months ago, I wrote about the Beer Station at Bloor and Bathurst Streets and a couple of weeks ago I retracted almost everything nice I said about the place.

But there is a bar in the east end that doesn’t advertise itself as a real home for beer lovers, but truly is. Right by Donlands subway station is the original Only Cafe. There is another version of the Only in Peterborough. Those only familiar (no pun intended) with the Peterborough version will be surprised with the lack of surliness from staff. The staff at the Danforth location are incredibly friendly for a rock and roll bar. The patio, though not overlooking a creek and perhaps not quite as big as its Peterborough cousin’s, is large for a patio in the city of Toronto. Both versions feature photographs and memorabilia from rock and roll, and pop culture history inside. As well, a visit to either Only Cafe would not be the same without a visit to the pinball machine in the back.

The beer selection is likely better at the Only than at the Beer Station, even if there is no menu or special passport challenge. And yes, the bathrooms are clean. As mentioned, their music of choice is generally rock, and usually good rock. Though I confess I have not tried the food, this east end joint gets a strong recommendation and shoots toward the top of my list of best bars in Toronto.


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