ratebeer.com best beers

A website that is great for recommendations is ratebeer.com. It is a beer rating website where anyone can give props or jeers to a beer they’ve just tried. Currently a few brewers have several brands in the top 50. I want to try beer from these brewers to see if they are really that good. I see no evidence the brewers have started a promotional vote-rigging campaign similar to what happens with Twitter trends. I also don’t know if the brewers are located in markets where RateBeer is heavily popular. One of the brewers is San Diego’s AleSmith. Three versions of their Speedway Stout are in the top 10. Four beers from Munster, Indiana’s Three Floyds Brewing Company are in the top 20, including two in the top five. Tampa, Florida’s Cigar City Brewing has three brands in the top 20. My criticism of the voting is there seems to be strong favouritism to stouts and porters.

RateBeer was founded in 2000 in Northern California as a forum for beer lovers to share opinions of breweries and beers. They have grown to include an online store with RateBeer apparel  and accessories like “kegerators.”

But those who know how much of a spelling/grammar nerd I am will know I can’t stand this. I don’t mean to pick on RateBeer. It seems like in the last week many esteemed websites and newspapers have had spellig errors galore (I did that on prpose).


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