Brava, the beer of summer

It has a commercial with a jingle that gets stuck in your head. It’s Brava, the beer of summah. The jingle is Caribbean, yet Brava is meant to be a discount “cerveza” or Latin beer, a competitor for Corona. I’ve never been a fan of Corona. I don’t like drinking a beer and having to use a piece of lime in order to make it not taste too sweet. I like that I can drink Brava without the lime, as it’s not too sweet. It has a refreshing taste and is good as an outdoor summer barbecue choice.

Brava is brewed by Lakeport, now owned by InBev, Labatt’s parent company. Lakeport was known as one of those “buck-a-beer” brewers a few years ago. Those brands are now more than a buck a beer, but they are among a large list of discount brands available at the Beer Store. These beers are not cheap out of the goodness of the hearts of mostly large brewers. they are generic, usually mass-produced and often not very good. They’re for people who want to drink beer and don’t care about quality.  I’m not naming Brava one of the best beers ever, but for the money, I think it’s the best of the discount beers available on the market. I even prefer it over most mid-range domestic beers out there.


One Response to “Brava, the beer of summer”

  1. Ken Allan Says:

    Ken Allan // Jun 24, 2010 at 8:41 am

    I have tried Brava and like it quite a bit, but what I can understand is THE marketing scheme using a caribbean accent (Jamaican?) as opposed to a mexican accent? At least Dos Equis uses the correct accent albeit slightly mexican but better than the “BRAVA GUY”
    Makes me wonder if the person(s) who came up with the poor accent doesn’t know that Canadians can pick up the difference in accents….knwo what I mean eh?

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