Warsteiner Premium Verum

I don’t know that Canadians truly appreciate what we have as far as beer selection. Though I’ve ranted about the issues as far as purchasing beer in Ontario, Canadians have it pretty good when it comes to selection when compared to America. We have a lot more selection of European and foreign import beers. Take, for instance, this 2003 article from espn.com rating Major League Baseball stadiums. The writer, Jim Caple, gives a relatively poor rating to the stadium then-named SkyDome. However, Caple gives a good rating on beer selection, noting Stella Artois is very hard to find in the United States but available at Blue Jays games.

One foreign beer readily available at your local LCBO and very occasionally on tap at your local pub is Warsteiner Premium Verum. It is a very traditional German pilsner. It has a traditional straw colour and has a mild bitterness to it and a real hoppy taste, much like a good traditional pilsner would. at 4.8 per cent alcohol volume, the beer is easy to drink. The beer lacks excitement, however. It’s one of those, “good to drink, but nothing special” beers.

Warsteiner does have other beers available, at least in Deutschland, such as Warsteiner Premium Dunkel  and the seasonal Warsteiner Oktoberfest, but I don’t know of any Warsteiner beers available in Ontario other than Premium Verum.


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