Working at the Beer Store

I have never actually worked at the Beer Store. I very briefly worked at one of those make-your-own-beer-and-wine stores one summer when I was 21. I actually wasn’t good at that job and I admit it. But I’m digressing.

A few years ago I found myself unemployed and had a job interview at a nearby Beer Store. I was kind of excited as I know a lot about beer, I have an interest in beer and had the misguided impression Beer Store employees are paid so well because they’re unionized.

Regarding the pay, I’m not sure what Beer Store employees make, but they start out generally working one or two days a week and have to work their way up to full time. Employees are able to fill in for on-call opportunities at other Beer Stores if an opportunity arises. In other words, even if the pay is good, it’s hard to make a living by working at the Beer Store unless you gain some seniority.

In the interview, one of the first questions asked was if I had a good sense of smell. This is not seen to be a good thing, as if you’ll be able to sniff out drunks. The reason they ask this is because you are subjected to a lot of stomach-churning scents in the back, where the returns are carried. In Toronto, though this might not be the case in other centres, a lot of returns are brought in by collectors, often homeless or marginalized, just looking to survive. These empties are often found in the garbage, mixed with other waste. The guy interviewing me told me the most disturbing thing he ever saw was a case of 24 bottles, each covered with a condom. Now that I think about it, that would be an expensive gag. Err, not that I know how much condoms cost, Mom. I’m a good Catholic boy who’s waiting until he’s married. Errrghm.


4 Responses to “Working at the Beer Store”

  1. dude you have no clue about TBS. you should really get your facts straight before you write things..

  2. lovingbeer Says:

    j. please explain why….i have an interview at the beer store and would like to know more…

  3. […] I am guessing as this post from early 2010 is getting a lot of hits that the Beer Store is doing a lot of hiring right […]

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