Gluten-free beer

I have a friend who often visits Toronto from Vancouver Island. Our favourite pastime is to go for pizza and beer. Unfortunately, this friend recently discovered they had a gluten allergy. When one has a gluten allergy they have to cut out wheat and other products that contain gluten like barley from their diet.

So what will we do about our pizza and beer dates next time this friend is in town? Well, the pizza problem can be solved by spending money. Magic Oven offers a rice-based flour crust for an extra $2-6 on their already pricey pizzas. Now what about the beer!?!?

I know I have seen one gluten-free beer in liquor stores before. It’s by a brewer in Quebec called Beers of New France (orles Bieres de la Nouvelle-France. The beer is called La Messagere Pale Ale. Their website seems to be down at the moment and information I have gathered from gluten-allergy websites suggests this beer is available in only a handful of LCBO locations in Ontario. There are other gluten-free brewers worldwide, most notably, Green’s in the UK, who have several flavours to choose from. Anheuser-Busch has a brand called Redbridge that is not available in wide distribution. But unfortunately, the next beer and pizza date will involve a lot of searching for not a lot of selection.


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