vegan-friendly beer

Through following this blog, one thing you’ve learned about me is that I’m a beer lover. One other thing you’ll probably have learned by now is that I’m a vegetarian. It may surprise people that while beer obviously doesn’t have any meat in it, many beers have a shellfish extract called isinglass. This is used to clarify the beer and remove excess yeast. Most stouts, including Guinness, will contain isinglass. There are many other brands and types that will contain isinglass. I am not a vegan and will continue to drink what ever beer I feel like drinking.

However, there is a great website called that will answer all your questions as to whether or not your favourite beer, wine or liquor is vegan or not. A green label means the company’s products are vegan, red means they are not vegan. Yellow means some of the company’s products are vegan. One can click on the company link and find out what is vegan. For instance, Lakeport Brewery is yellow because they brew Lakeport Honey Lager. Since honey is used, it is not vegan.


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