$8 for one beer

Eight dollars for a pint of beer. That’s what I paid for a pint of Mill St. Tankhouse Ale on Saturday night. A friend had her birthday party and we went to the Bedford Academy, right along the border of Yorkville and the Annex in downtown Toronto. I’ve been shocked at the price of pints before, but this was particularly surprising because it was a local beer, though Tankhouse is a very good beer. OK, it was only $7.75 plus tip. But I’ve noticed the price of pints creeping so high one must wonder how much longer people will continue to drink beer in pubs in downtown Toronto.

I started this blog as part of a project in Centennial College’s post-graduate book and magazine publishing program. After orientation day at Centennial in September, I went to the Pour House, not too far from the Bedford Academy, to reward myself with a couple of pints on the Pour House’s beautiful back patio. I’d worked my behind off all summer at a Mcjob I’d felt way over-qualified for and I’d earned two or three pints. I was shocked to learn my pint of Kronenbourg was $7.75. Kronenbourg is a French lager. I later had to ask the waitress what was a more moderately-priced beer. It wasn’t that embarrassing  when I explained I’d just dropped $4,500 on tuition and couldn’t justify another $8 for a beer. She was a student too and I don’t doubt she understood my situation.


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