Mill St. Coffee Porter

I have really kind neighbours. The people who live upstairs from me run a prominent Toronto art gallery.They are community-oriented and regularly host parties for people in our building and surrounding Victorian buildings in the Annex. But last night, one of these neighbours gave me a bottle of Mill St. Coffee Porter to try.

For those who don’t know, a porter is a very dark beer brewed with dark malts and is closely related to stout beers (like Guinness). These beers often have a coffee-like aroma and flavour to them.

Mill St. Coffee Porter is infused with Balzac’s Coffee. The beer is the strangest one I have ever tasted. It does not taste like beer and does not taste good. It smells and tastes like cold, carbonated coffee. Its appearance is opaque. There is no translucence at all (though the appearance has no effect on why I don’t enjoy it).

The only beer I have ever tried that is close to as strange as this is Black Oak’s seasonal Double Chocolate Cherry Stout, which tastes just like chocolate and cherries.


2 Responses to “Mill St. Coffee Porter”

  1. mmmmmmm I LOVE Mill Street Coffee Porter…

  2. […] is another strange Mill St. product (read about Mill St. Coffee Porter here) that just works for whatever reason. Advertisement GA_googleAddAttr("AdOpt", "1"); […]

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