St. Patrick’s Day and Guinness

I know a couple of weeks ago I wrote about how I was annoyed by the exploitation of what was once a religious holiday by booze companies like Jameson, and Diageo, parent company of brands such as Guinness, Bailey’s and Harp. But it’s St. Patrick’s Day, so let’s talk about…Budweiser! No, let’s talk about Guinness.

Really, Guinness deserves the respect it gets as a premium beer brand. First of all, ordering a pint at a bar or properly pouring yourself one at home from a can, is almost an event. When you first have that full pint glass, you are almost hesitant to drink it. With its thick caramel head and brown body that deepens to an almost black colour, it’s beautiful to look at. The smoky aroma of heavily roasted malts tells one they are in for something great. The taste is a nutty roasted one, with a hint of dark chocolate.

One amazing point of Guinness is, though it is heavy in flavour and body, it is actually quite light in alcohol. At 4.2% alcohol percentage by volume, it is evidence a lighter beer does not have to taste like a glorified cup of water.

If you were wondering, that rattling sound you hear in the cans of Guinness is a widget that looks similar to a ping pong ball. its purpose is to create that creamy head at home that you get at the bar. I’m not a science expert, so I’ll let the Wikipedia article explain it. The widget is also why you hear a sucking sound when you open the can. Gas is being released from inside the widget.

I’ll add one more piece of information that has to do with a type of spirit found on Diageo’s website. The title of the article is whisk(e)y. I think this is cool because it makes special note that whisky is spelled without the e when we talk about Scotch and Canadian whisky, but officially American and Irish whiskey is spelled with an e. That’s something for any of you fellow word nerds out there.


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