Beer in Peterborough, Ontario

I spent much of this week in Peterborough, Ontario, mostly visiting family and seeing my old hometown. I don’t have much to report on beer findings. I wanted to make it to Publican House Brewery on Charlotte Street. It is a very small microbrewery. They produce a very rich, hoppy House Ale. I was able to try it over Christmas. I was looking to try it again, but never got the chance. Publican House is interesting for two reasons. Number one, they are located in the old legendary Peterborough Arms building. Number two, They sell their beer in cans as well as in large glass jugs called growlers. The growler holds 1.9 litres. Publican House does charge a deposit of $3.50 for each growler and appreciates their return, though some people have been known to keep them as souvenirs. Publican House does also brew special seasonal beer such as Head of the Trent Lager, named after a rowing race taking place at Trent University every fall.

Though unable to make a trip to the Publican House, I was able to make a trip to the Only Cafe. For anyone wondering, this Only is very similar to the Only Cafe located on Danforth Avenue in Toronto. It was set up by the same original owner of the Toronto location and looks strikingly similar, though a little larger. (For those who have not visited the Toronto Location, you are hard-pressed to find a smaller bar/cafe than the Only on the Danforth.) I have not always been a fan of the service of the Peterborough location, but have always liked the atmosphere with ambient lighting and large collection of pop culture memorabilia. I got to try Big Rock Brewery’s Warthog Ale. The orange body reminds me of the seasonal pumpkin ales that come out every fall (which I’m a fan of). The aroma really isn’t there. It smells like a traditional ale and is nothing special. It has a sweet taste, but one can taste the hops in this Alberta beer, which prevent it from being too sweet. It won’t go on my list of favourite beers, but I cannot say I wouldn’t order it again.


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