Original Motorcycle Gourmet Burgers Etc.

Hidden away from the bustle of the financial district on Temperance St. is Original Motorcycle Gourmet Burgers Etc. It is run by the people who run the Original Motorcycle Cafe and Lounge on Queen West.

I was really hungry and looking for a meal today, so I stopped in to celebrate working out the final details of my internship. First off, my meal was expensive. Seventeen bucks and change for a veggie burger, onion rings and a bottle of Coors Light seems like a a lot, but for a place that advertises itself as a “Gourmet burger” joint, at least I could expect something really special…right?

Wrong. The patty was quite thin and not very tasty. I would’ve been better off going to Lick’s or the Free Times Cafe (Free Times has a wonderful veggie burger, but not always great service). The amount of toppings and condiments were generous, but it was almost as if I was eating a topping sandwich with ketchup and mustard. The onion rings were not crispy enough either.

The atmosphere looks like that of a regular fast food joint. A regular counter with no bar. A fridge holds beer, pop and water. the tables and chairs aren’t different from a fast food joint. The only differences are classic rock on the stereo and motorcycle memorabilia displayed throughout. Come to think of it, the Indian Motorcycle branded leather bench seats were neat.

To be fair, a joint that markets itself as a biker restaurant probably isn’t going to pay much attention to vegetarians and veggie burgers. But then again, a biker joint in the middle of the financial district is odd.

So if you’re wondering what this has to do with this blog, the better question is what was I doing drinking Coors Light? Well the Coors Light tasted like Coors Light. It was watery, light and lacked the full flavour of a desirable beer. But for a guy who was in the middle of a day and still had things to accomplish and errands to run, a light beer would be adequate. I didn’t want to feel drowsy or a heavy beer buzz. It was the right beer for my brief celebration.


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