Amsterdam Nut Brown Ale

Amsterdam Brewing Co. actually operates in downtown Toronto, despite its name.

Nut Brown Ale is arguably their finest beer. It is truly a sensual beer. (I’ll throw in the word sensual as it is Valentine’s Day tomorrow.) It has a very deep chestnut brown colour, resembling a stout. It has a strong roasted nutty aroma. It is very flavourful, with a smoked almond taste, along with a hint of chocolate. I prefer Nut Brown in a can or bottle. Some of the flavour tends to get lost through the keg tap and I don’t know why.

Amsterdam also brews Kawartha Lakes Brewing beer. They took over KLB several years ago. KLB was originally brewed in Peterborough, and I don’t know if the unofficial boycott of KLB in Peterborough still stands. KLB Raspberry Wheat Ale was a staple among beer snobs in that city (though too fruity-tasting for my liking) and when Amsterdam took over it was as if an American or European giant was taking over. Beer drinkers were irate.


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  1. […] a staple among beer snobs was KLB Raspberry Wheat Ale. KLB stands for Kawartha Lakes Brewing. I previously stated the beer was too sweet for my liking. Now that my tastes in beer have changed, I’m giving it […]

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