Svytury’s Ekstra: Beer from Lithuania

Earlier this week I was at the blue building known as the Beer Station on Bloor St. The Beer Station has over 100 beers from all over the world and if you try one of each kind between September and the following August, the Beer Station will give you a free jacket of some sort. I’m not participating because, well, it’s a ploy to get my to spend a ridiculous amount of money on a jacket and bragging rights. I realize the bar’s a business and it is a pretty creative promotion they’ve come up with, but I’m a student. Money isn’t on a tree for me to pick.

But I was excited to try Svytury’s Ekstra, a lager from Klaipeda, Lithuania, the city where my father’s family is from. The beer has an alcohol content level of 5.2 per cent. Unfortunately, it tastes much stronger than 5.2 per cent. A strong ale can have its benefits with additional flavour, etc., but a strong pale lager often has nothing more than an extra alcohol taste (think of those strong lagers from bargain brewers). Unfortunately, I can’t say I enjoyed this one at all, with or without family ties to its place of brewing.

Also discovered: Red Cap now comes in long necks only. It’s been this way for about a year, but I just discovered this on my visit to the Beer Station. I also discovered there’s a movement to bring back the Red Cap stubby. Though this Facebook Group is rather small.


One Response to “Svytury’s Ekstra: Beer from Lithuania”

  1. Editor’s note: I visited the Beer Station last night to watch the UFC match. I only went there after finding out my original spot has closed down this week. The Beer Station’s bathrooms are filthy, the place itself is rather drab and staff are not great. I don’t recommend this bar, despite its great beer selection.

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