Lasko/Ethiopian beer

Last night I sipped a Lasko (pronounced Lash-ko). This is a Slovenian pilsner. It’s watery, though its alcohol content is listed at 4.9%. I don’t have much to say about this beer, as there really is nothing to it. It’s favourless and almost tastes like a gas infused water. It’s more like Slovenian Swill.


Last night I had a great meal out at Lalibela. I tried their new second location at Danforth and Greenwood. Their vegetarian platter, all the injera you can eat and a domestic beer cost $14.75, tax included (tip extra). They are not strictly a vegetarian restaurant and have plenty of meat options available. However, they did not have their Ethiopian St. George beer. This disappointed me as I was looking forward to trying it. My server explained they had run out two months ago and were still waiting for another shipment from Africa.


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