The Devil Made Me Do It!

Great Lakes Brewery is a local small brewer that is hit or miss for me. I liked their now non-existent schwarzbier, or black lager, Black Jack. I enjoy their regular seasonal beers in Winter Ale and Pumpkin Ale. However, their Golden Horseshoe and Red Leaf are brands I stay away from. Golden Horseshoe lacks flavour and Red Leaf has a bit of a sour taste to it. Red Leaf doesn’t have the flavour a red lager like Rickard’s Red does.

Tonight I tried Great Lakes’s Devil’s Pale Ale. The cans boast batches of 666 kilograms of malt, 6.66 kilograms of hops, 66.6 minutes of boiling, six per cent alcohol and 6.6.06 as the date of conception (which was my birthday. I won’t tell you which one). I was reluctant to try a strong beer by a brewer that’s hit or miss for me. The beer is rather dark for a pale ale, but is full of flavour. It’s hopiness leaves it with an aftertaste, but one of satisfaction.

I am excited to try their spring green tea ale. I have yet to see it, but think it will be worth a try.


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