Canned Red Stripe

Recently Red Stripe arrived in Canada in a tallboy form, in addition to the famous red and white stubby bottle. I became a fan of Red Stripe during a trip to Jamaica in 2007. I was impressed with its ability to combine a lighter beer that’s easy to drink with a full flavour.

The bottle will read that it’s licensed by international beverage company Diageo. The can also gives this information but also states it is brewed in Canada. According to The Jamaica Gleaner, beer is actually brewed in Canada by Moosehead for both American and Canadian consumers.

The canned version has the same colour and aroma, but is lacking in taste. It tastes like a watered down mass-produced American light beer. Its alcohol content still lists at 4.7%, but the canned version lacks the full flavour and hint of spice in the bottled version.

Two other points to note: The Red Stripe label on the can does not have the word “imported” at the top. It also reads “Jamaican Style Lager,” instead of “Jamaican Lager.” The label on Red Stripe stubbies contains the above missing items.


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